About Farmers Mutual Insurance of Warren County

Serving Missouri & Policyholders Since 1875

When Farmers Mutual of Warren County was first organized in 1875, it was named The Private Benevolent Association #2 of Warren County. Since the original organization of the Mutual there have been name changes and mergers with other Mutuals. A group of individuals who understood the importance of providing the financial security and protection of property for their neighbors started Farmers Mutual Insurance in 1875.

Today, Farmers Mutual continues to provide property and casualty coverage throughout the state of Missouri, operating from 109 E. Booneslick Road in Warrenton.

Farmers Mutual Insurance is fully reinsured and regulated by the Missouri Department of Insurance. As a policyholder of a Missouri Mutual Insurance Company, you are entitled to be a voting member on how your company is managed.

Providing the Path to Insurance Security

Proud Member of Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC)